Shiran Winery

“Shiran winery” was founded in 2012 at the home of the Shiran family in Efrat as a small garage winery, producing a few hundred bottles. In 2018, after the winery grew to produce a few thousand bottles, we moved to the holy city of Kiryat Arba in Hebron.

Our red blends are unique in their combination of varietals that originated in different parts of the world and different terroirs in Israel. We use “Meditteranean varietals” to reflect Israeli society that blends diverse human terroirs. Most of our white wines are single varietals form single vineyards and are usually unoaked to express the varietal and the terroir.

We do make white blends that follow the same theme as our red blends. The musical theme of the winery is a tribute to my Father, a cantor and musician.