Gito Winery

Welcome to Gito Winery!
Malkiel Hadari, a high tech professional, had a dream to produce his own wine. He started a winery in his home in the Gil Amal neighborhood, and became fascinated with the process. “My dream is to have people come to my winery for their Shabbat and Holiday wine shopping.” One of the most interesting home boutique wineries in Israel operates from an ordinary-looking house on the sleepy Golomb Street, nestled in the Gil Amal neighborhood on the outskirts of Hod HaSharon. Malkiel Hadari, a high-tech professional, and his wife Dina are the people behind Gito winery. “My dream is that Hod HaSharon residents will stop by our winery for a Friday or Holiday bottle of wine”, says Malkiel.